Best Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair- A Buyer’s Guide

What makes these pet hair vacuums better than the others?

It’s all in the features that we have gone over above. We have carefully considered hundreds of vacuums and narrowed our list down to these five that we consider to be the best vacuum for pet hair that you can buy.

How to pick between pet hair vacuums?

You can’t go wrong with any of these vacuums but they do each have their own unique strengths. We tried to give you a selection of vacuums that offer a variety of traits without presenting any shortcomings.

When you are looking for a shark vacuum for pets , consider factors including maneuverability, price, attachments and hose reach. We have laid out which vacuum excels in each category for you below:


A maneuverable vacuum is important if you are using it for large areas or rooms that have a lot of obstacles that you will have to twist and turn to get around.

The Dyson DC24 Animal Compact Upright Vacuum Cleaner is designed to be the most maneuverable vacuum on the market. It features ball technology which pivots on a single axis. It is also lightweight which adds to its agility. It packs the same amount of power as normal sized equivalent vacuums.


Price was a factor that we considered when picking the very best pet hair vacuum for you. We can assure you that no matter which you choose, you will be getting a great deal, however, if staying economical is a high priority for you; the Panasonic Jet Force Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner is the right model to choose.

It offers the best combination of power, ability and features for the lowest price that you can get them at. With this vacuum, you will be able to get everything you need in a pet hair vacuum cleaner without spending too much of your hard earned money doing it.


If you are in to giving your home a complete clean, from every crack to every crevice, you are going to need a vacuum with a lot of interchangeable parts. Without a large selection of accessories, you will not be able to do that.

This is where the Eureka SuctionSeal Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum excels. It offers every accessory that you could need as well as 7 different height settings. While all of these vacuums have the accessories that you need, only the Eureka has gone above and beyond to ensure that its owners have everything that they could possibly want or need.


If you have high ceilings or lots of drapes and curtains around your house, you will need a vacuum that will be able to reach all of those areas easily. Most vacuums have some type of extension, but only the Shark Navigator Vacuum can say that it can reach everything.

It has a super-extended hose which will allow you to reach all of those high places without having to constantly relocate your vacuum as you go. Although your pets aren’t exactly hanging out on top of those drapes, it is not uncommon to find pet hair up there that was kicked up by moving air at some point or another.


If you have no specific needs and are just looking for the best vacuum for your dollar, we have chosen the Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Pet Rewind Bagless Upright Vaccum for you.

This vacuum can do it all at a price that you can afford. It is one of the least expensive vacuums that we found which has no shortcomings and can remove pet hair as well as its competitors.

Selection Of Vacuum – These Things Really Matter

Obviously, I am not shooting in the open sky. We have closely considered and evaluated all the features and specifications that define the best vacuum for cleaning pet hair and then made our selection. To help you understand the process, I have laid out those features and specifications below.

Type of vacuum – This one is absolutely vital. Depending on cleaning environment (that is hardwood floor or mattress, stairs or not, type of furniture in the home etc), we must decide to go with Canister or Upright vacuum.  For example, if you have wall-to-wall carpet, you must consider type of fibers used in it to make the perfect selection. In this case, upright vacuum would be better choice because of higher suction capacity.

Performance of cleaner – The most effective factor to check. You must evaluate the performance of vacuum cleaner before buying one. To simplify your task, check the performance parameters below:

  • Amp rating – 10 to 12 amps
  • Wattage rating – 1200 to 1400 watts
  • Air Flow – 100CFM or more
  • Water Lift – 90 Inches or more
  • Must have bypass motor with little noise

Filtration – High level of filtration is expected, otherwise fine particles will go right out of a cleaner on the floor. Living dust on the floor is deadly if any of the family members have health condition like asthma or allergies. Better, go for HEPA approved vacuum cleaners only.

Durability – Of course you want best value for your money. So, always go with the vacuum that has raving reviews from users about its durability.

Storage – This is a no brainer really. People are crazy about bagless vacuums but that’s not the best constraint. Some of the vacuum cleaners with bag can perform better if there is indication light for full bag. Rather, we should focus on storage capacity in alliance with area of our house. In simple words, if you must cover larger area, go with the one that has higher storage capacity.

Noise Level – Have you felt mental pain when you neighbor is hoovering. You must avoid that, seriously.  Some of the vacuums specialized for pet hair make intolerable noise because of low quality motor(s) used. Here in our top 5, we have taken care of that factor also to make sure that you can peacefully complete you cleaning task.  Absolutely no nuisance!

Features – We can go into endless list when it comes to features of vacuum. However, our aim here is to let you know the features that are required to suck pet hair and allergens. Keep in mind features like Cord and hose length, cord rewind, height adjustment, rinsable filter, nozzle width, cleaning technology and cyclonic action.

Cost – Performance and durability are factors to give preferences to but one cannot overlook the cost of the cleaning machine. Some of the vacuums for dog or cat hair may cost you more than $500 but still would provide you same features like low cost vacuum. So, after investigating all the features, we must compare price to make final decision.

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Your thoughts

That’s it! I have considered all the impacting factors for selection of the perfect vacuum for pet hair. However, I expect your inputs. If you can suggest or put some more light to top 5 here, it will be helpful for others. Jump to the comments section below.

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